Acta Physica chronicles the development of the theory of Holeums - theorized stable, quantized gravitational bound states of micro black holes.

The Holeum was first proposed in 2002 [Class. Quantum Grav. 19 2927, arXiv:gr-qc/0308054]. Holeums range in size from ultra-microscopic particles that inhabit the quantum realm to supermassive bound states that contain billions of solar masses. Look here for a brief overview.

Acta Physica

Section 1: Introducing Holeums: Stable, quantized gravitational bound states of Micro Black Holes

Section 2: The intensity of the Gravitational Radiation emitted by a Holeum

Section 3: Holeum Formation – A Gedanken experiment: Evolution of a black hole population in a gedanken universe

Section 4: From the Quantum realm to the Astrophysical scale: Introducing the Macro Holeum